21 Dec 2022

CGTrader Designer Spotlight: Tuğrul Şenyurt

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Who is Tuğrul Şenyurt?

I am Tuğrul Şenyurt, more known as 3DTGRL on CGTrader. I am a 42 year old architect from Turkey. I have been doing this job for 16 years. I started 3D modeling when I was at university. In those days I was learning how to use 3Ds Max and a few similar softwares. 3D modeling has been very beneficial both in my student life and my professional career as it helped to strengthen my design skills and overall knowledge.

How do you come up with ideas for your 3D models?

Even though most of my models on CGTrader are architectural, the spheres I get inspiration from differ. I can sometimes get ideas from my friends or family members. There are also some models that I want to make for a long time, yet struggle to start without having a more structured plan. And of course, some of the objects I model get simply requested.Compare the modeling experience now and the times when you started doing it. What are the main differences? Is it easier to model now?

Can you describe your typical workflow when creating a 3D model from start to finish?

There are 2 different workflows I’d like to mention. First one is architectural modeling. In such cases, I start by making sketches with hand drawing first. If there are points where many details are needed, I draw special 2D sections and move on to the making of a solid model. Once that is done, I determine the materials and add them to the model. The rendering stage is the final one. Second workflow is intended for object modeling. Firstly, I examine objects similar to the one I will model. I choose reference points, dimensions and other details. After these steps are completed, I start modeling and finish with all the final material assignments. The rendering stage is again the last one in the process.

What types of projects do you enjoy working on the most?

I would say damaged building models are the ones I like working on the most. It is a pleasure to make them, as I feel like I'm in a movie during the process. Modeling helps me isolate myself from the outside world. I would say it is a kind of therapy for me.

What are some of the biggest challenges you face when creating 3D models?

Sometimes, I can be a little impatient, especially when we're talking about models that require much detail. I want to see the finished product as soon as possible, which can be an issue in the 3D modeling sphere. It can cause some unwanted errors that must be avoided or fixed. Yet, I am working on myself and becoming more patient.

How do you stay motivated and continue to improve as a 3D designer?

As an architect, 3D modeling is a part of my job. For this reason, I think it is necessary to follow the 3D modeling industry, be up-to-date and open to innovations. Being not fully aware of the newest trends can harm the quality of your work, thus I make sure to change accordingly to the market’s needs.

Can you share any recent projects that showcase your design skills and capabilities?

I am happy to share the examples of an architectural project I have been working on recently, see the visuals below:

CGTrader Designer Spotlight: Tuğrul Şenyurt 1

CGTrader Designer Spotlight: Tuğrul Şenyurt 2

How do you ensure that your 3D models are of high quality and meet the expectations of your clients?

The answer to this question is actually the subject that forms the basis of 3D modeling. Correct model, correct texturing and correct rendering. I pay great attention to scale in my models. I use quality PBRs for texture assignments. It is possible to achieve very good results with a good computer and quality render settings.

What sets your 3D models apart from other designers on CGTrader?

I think the most important difference between my and other models on CGTrader is that I produce them without any commercial concerns. The quality and look of a final product is what drives me. Of course, the models must have a price added, yet it’s not what they are created for initially.

Do you have any message for the CGTrader community?

CGTrader is a place where I log into and spend a lot of time everyday. It is a great platform that produces very high quality works and has many talented people. Overall, it’s a community that I’m happy to be a part of.

What do you enjoy doing outside of 3D design?

As an architect, I make 2D drawings and projects as a part of my job. From time to time, I also do pre-production checks at construction sites. I love drawing cartoons. Walking and cycling on the beach is my favorite activity. I like swimming very much. I read as many books as possible.

What are the tendencies of 3D market in your country? Is it popular?

I think that the 3D modeling industry is definitely geared towards the global market. 3D Modeling work is quite common in our country (Turkey), and those who do this professionally, usually do it for free in order to help architectural offices with the presentation of their projects. People that sell their work online, generally apply to the global market. All of my sales have been directed globally, as there are people from all over the world interested in my models.

Tuğrul Şenyurt 3D Showcase

CGTrader Designer Spotlight: Tuğrul Şenyurt 3

Game Room

CGTrader Designer Spotlight: Tuğrul Şenyurt 4

Abandoned Building

CGTrader Designer Spotlight: Tuğrul Şenyurt 5

Abandoned Warehouse

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